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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Dual-SIM on iPhone XS and iPhone XR: Here's the way to Set It abreast of Airtel

Dual-SIM on iPhone XS and iPhone XR: Here's the way to Set It abreast of Airtel

Apple undraped its first-ever dual-SIM capable smartphones at the iPhone event control in Sept. The company's 2018 lineup consists of the iPhone XS RS 89,900, iPhone XS liquid ecstasy RS 99,000, and iPhone XR RS 76,795, all of whom accompany support for one physical SIM card and another eSIM. With all of the 3 models currently in Asian country, non-public medium players Airtel and Jio have declared dual-SIM support on their cellular networks for the iPhone 2018 vary. Here's a bit-by-bit method on obtaining the Airtel eSIM to figure on your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR in Asian country.

How to established dual-SIM with eSIM on Airtel's network

To initiate the method, begin by texting eSIM (space) *your registered email address* to 121. If the e-mail is deemed valid, you may receive a response particularization the shift to eSIM from physical SIM. to verify the eSIM modification request, users are going to be needed to reply with “1” among sixty seconds of receiving the SMS message. just in case of invalid email address, Airtel users will modification their credentials by causing “EMAIL UPDATE” to 121. Once the SMS consent is received by Airtel, ANother SMS are going to be sent to you which will inform you of a forthcoming confirmation decision.

This decision is very important as Airtel can cancel the eSIM request if you are doing not give consent to the decision. Once that's done, one more SMS are going to be received that details the confirmation. A QR code is going to be generated and sent on your email address when concerning two hours of this confirmation.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and click on Mobile knowledge. Click on Add knowledge set up and scan the QR code received on your email address. when triple-crown scanning, click on Add knowledge set up once more. you'll be able to then rename the information set up a label or just proceed by clicking Continue. opt for the default line (primary/ secondary) for the iPhone and click on Done. The Airtel eSIM is going to be activated among two hours post triple-crown QR code scanning, and this method can deactivate the physical SIM.

Dual-SIM With eSIM on Jio's Network

This method is less complicated than the one on Jio's network considering you are doing not ought to visit a physical outlet to induce your eSIM operating, and might have a go at it right from the comfort of your house.

Important points for Airtel eSIM transfer method

The generated QR code is exclusive for just the once use on one device solely. to boot, just in case you are doing not get the QR code email among one hour otherwise, you abort the scanning method midway, send “NOSIM” to 121 to avoid disconnection of your physical SIM. throughout the activation amount, don't delete the eSIM profile by choosing “Remove knowledge Plan” to avoid any problems.


  1. iPhone 2018 lineup comes with support for eSIM
  2. Jio and Airtel provide eSIM support within the Indian market
  3. You can transfer your physical SIM to eSIM without charge

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